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New Far Cry cover art, title leak ahead of reveal

Far Cry: New Dawn seems to put The Father in the crosshairs

Far Cry 5 - Daniel Seed holding gun Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

One day after the next Far Cry game was teased, its title and cover art appears to have been leaked online. Ubisoft’s next entry in the franchise may be titled Far Cry: New Dawn. Images portray two women torturing a man tied to a ruined car.

[Ed. note: The following contains spoilers for the ending of Far Cry 5.]

This leaked cover art, which has not been authenticated, further solidifies the theory that the game is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5, which was released earlier this year. The man on the cover is clearly dressed like Joseph Seed, also known as The Father, a leader of a religious cult in a fictional version of Montana. The green church steeple has featured prominently in the marketing for both games. One potential ending of Far Cry 5 also featured the detonation of a nuclear device, which happens to be the inciting event for the next game.

The cover art also shows the sawblade crossbow device featured in the game’s teaser. The two women in the foreground (and a third character in the background) appear to be wearing motorcyle gear and wield makeshift weapons.

The supposed cover art first surfaced on Reddit and later appeared on Twitter, posted by one Wario64. More information on the new Far Cry is expected this evening during the livestream of The Game Awards 2018.

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