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Bungie unwraps The Dawning, Destiny 2’s annual winter event

Eva Levante returns as Bungie finally adds two-player emotes

In anticipation of next week, Bungie has unwrapped the details for The DawningDestiny 2’s returning winter event. This time, Eva Levante — the holiday vendor from Destiny, yet unseen in its sequel — returns to the Tower to give out baked goods. Players will team up with Eva to deliver holiday treats to their favorite NPCs, and receive some rewards in the process.

Players will need to jump into the world of Destiny to kill enemies and complete objectives in order to earn ingredients to fuel their baked goods. Those with an excess of of Bright Dust will be able to fast track their delectable treats by purchasing ingredient packs from Tess Everis — however, Bungie assured us that certain critical ingredients must still be farmed in the world. Players can’t buy their gifts completely — Guardians only accept homemade.

As far as rewards, there will be a whole host of Triumphs for players to collect, as well as some exclusive armor, enhancement cores, a legendary machine gun called Avalanche and a hellacious sparrow shaped like Father Christmas’ nightmarish ride — as horrifyingly depicted above.

As always, the Eververse inventory will be filled with new emotes and other cosmetics for player to earn in game, spend Bright Dust on or buy with the real-money currency, Silver. However, Bungie is introducing multiplayer emotes for the first time ever — an exciting prospect for coordinated pals.

For players interested in celebrating a cold, Winter’s night snuggled up with friends in the Tower, The Dawning will run from Dec. 11 to Jan. 1 and is free for all Destiny 2 players.

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