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Epic Games announced The Block, a new Fortnite in-game community spotlight

It’s been a busy week for Epic

It’s been a big week for Fortnite. On Wednesday developer Epic Games announced that the game would be getting a new creative mode that would allow players to build as much as they want, Fortnite season 7 started on Thursday morning and now the company has announced The Block, a new in-game area that will be used to show off some of the most exciting and impressive community creations on the standard Battle Royale island.

The announcement came along with an extremely brief trailer that showed a giant concrete slab dropping into the area that was once Risky Reels. The trailer didn’t reveal much, the real information came from Epic Games’ worldwide creative director, Donald Mustard who announced that the area would tie-in closely to the new Creative mode. While there isn’t a way to share what players make in the mode at the moment, the best creations will be highlighted by Epic and transported into The Block to become a temporary addition to the standard Fortnite map.

With Fortnite’s seventh season released this week, the game added several new map locations, added a new flying vehicle to the game as well as a brand new Battle Pass featuring all new skins, pets and emotes. With the creative mode, which was released today for all players who have the new Battle Pass and on Dec. 13 for everyone else, players are able to take to their own private islands and given unlimited resources to create their own buildings with Epic’s in-game pieces.

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