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This Just Cause 4 Easter egg takes on a classic music video

I hope this clip won’t be gone in a day or two

This Just Cause 4 Easter egg is ... well, I don’t know what I’m to say. But I’ll say it anyway: It’s wonderful.

Avalanche Studios is known to be playful with this series of sandbox, mass environmental catastrophe simulators, and Just Cause 4 is no different. Players have already found a fun, fairly obscure allusion to Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. But I imagine this latest discovery is much more familiar to the average passerby, thanks to a blatant stylistic shift and the inclusion of an unforgettable tune.

Just Cause 4 players discovered that, in a certain area, Rico Rodriguez enters a building that has a secret second layer. Although it looks otherwise normal, go downstairs, and the world turns into a living comic book. The soft sounds of the 1986 classic “Take On Me” by a-Ha grow louder as Rico heads into this ink-and-paper world and becomes a black-and-white outline of himself. He even finds a woman dancing to the song, as any good person would.

Scrub to the 51-second mark in the video above to see this all in action.

Read the words “Take On Me,” and you will instantly have a-Ha’s one and only hit in your head. Its video helped popularize the song — although this bop slaps hard enough to win over the masses on its own — because of how cool it is. The band’s very beautiful lead Swede is the star of a comic book; somehow, he manages to animate within its pages and make a live-action, human woman fall for him. The two have the power to step in and out of worlds both flat and three-dimensional.

The “Take On Me” video is still gorgeous more than three decades later, so the reference Just Cause 4 makes to it also strikes a chord. I just hope these clips won’t be gone in a day or two — because of copyright strikes and all that. But I guess it really is no better to be safe than sorry; shout out to the users for sharing the love with those of us who have yet to play Just Cause 4, which is out now on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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