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League of Legends’ Tyler1 surpasses 1M subs on YouTube, 30K subs on Twitch

‘There it is, boys!’

Tyler1 Twitch/Tyler1

League of Legends’ most notorious player, Tyler1, is celebrating two major milestones in his streaming career.

Tyler1 announced today that he finally surpassed 30,000 subscribers on Twitch and one million subscribers on YouTube; an impressive feat considering he only recently made the return to streaming League of Legends following his ban being lifted.

The latter number may seem more impressive, but it’s the former number that should be paid attention to. Twitch Partners’ subscription payments usually result in streamers taking home 50 percent of the $4.99-per-month cost. The other 50 percent is collected by Twitch. That means Tyler1 could be earning up to $75,000 a month before taxes through his Twitch subscriptions.

It’s an exciting moment for Tyler1, who celebrated by throwing on Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” and dancing in front of his computer.

“There it is, boys,” Tyler1 says in the clip below. “30K! Yeah! We can all do it together, c’mon!”

One million subscribers on YouTube isn’t something to laugh at either. Tyler1’s videos on YouTube tend to attract between 500,000 and 1.2 million views on average. It’s harder to try and determine how much revenue that may result in for Tyler1 via AdSense. Going off information tweeted by Mike Diva, a popular YouTuber with more than 630,000 subscribers, we can assume that Tyler1 is making between $200 and $300 per video.

There’s one other notable difference between Twitch subscriptions and YouTube subs. Whereas the former are paying $4.99 a month to watch Tyler1 with limited advertisements and other amenities, YouTube’s subscribers aren’t a great gauge for overall success of a channel. YouTube’s subscribers are often made up of a collection of people, including active users, abandoned YouTube accounts and bots. Tyler1’s success on Twitch is a much more prevalent statistic for trying to gauge his popularity.

Tyler1’s newest milestone has people asking for a 50-hour stream, a callback to the caster’s recent completion of an impressive 45-hour stream.

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