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Rainbow Six Siege is getting ... aliens?

The Rainbow Six team will face a new biohazard threat

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter that is, for the most part, grounded in realism. But a forthcoming event, titled Outbreak, will apparently give the latest Rainbow Six some sci-fi flavor in the form of ... aliens?

Ubisoft has been teasing out details about Rainbow Six Siege’s third year of content, which includes Operation Chimera, with two new operators who specialize in biological and chemical attacks, and the upcoming Outbreak event. Ubisoft’s early promotion for Outbreak seemed to indicate that the Rainbow Six team might be facing a zombie-like threat, but a new teaser trailer now makes it look like the game’s counter-terrorist operatives will face a threat from outer space.

You can watch that teaser above, but it appears the residents of a small, real-world town in New Mexico have recovered a Russian spacecraft, leading to an outbreak of an extraterrestrial nature.

“[An] infestation of unknown origin is attacking the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico,” Ubisoft said in a release. “The danger is so high that the authorities quarantined the entire town, trapping civilians and soldiers inside. Pushed to its limits, team Rainbow calls in some of the very best biohazard specialists currently in operation within the World’s elite national CTUs.

“Respectively from France and Russia, these hot zone specialists are experts in matters of biological warfare and veterans of numerous conflicts involving bio-chemical weapons. They are Rainbow Six’s best hope against the dangers lurking in the Quarantine Zone.”

Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak event will run for four weeks, and teams of three will take on a mysterious threat. “From exploding monstrosities to hulking horrors, the Rainbow Six team will face something never-seen before,” Ubisoft said. “These armored monsters will bring the fight close and push the destruction engine to new heights. Players will have to find new ways of using their arsenal, against a foe that doesn’t take cover and engages instantly in close combat.”

Ubisoft said it plans to reveal more about the two new operators and the Outbreak event on Feb. 17, during the Six Invitational finals happening in Montreal. That event will be broadcast on Twitch.

Rainbow Six Siege players will get first crack at Operation Chimera on the game’s technical test servers (TTS) on Feb. 19. They’ll be able to try out Outbreak the following day, Feb. 20. The new content will come to all platforms on March 6.

Ubisoft recently gave players an alien invasion of another sort in another Tom Clancy game, Ghost Recon Wildlands, when the Predator made a limited time appearance in that game.

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