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Nintendo Switch deals, a PUBG Xbox One bundle and more Valentine’s Day gaming deals

If you want to get an Xbox One, now you can get it with the console’s biggest exclusive in years

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Gaming is a super underrated activity for couples. Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you don’t want to go the fancy dinner route, you can always pop in you and your S.O’s favorite co-op game and have a great time. If you’re both into sports games, Walmart is offering a discount on a Nintendo Switch bundle with Fifa 18. If sports games aren’t your jam, there’s an Amazon Nintendo Switch bundle builder with games like Splatoon 2. It won’t be shipped by the Feb. 14, but Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is also being offered as a bundle bonus with Xbox One S consoles.

Just a few days after the holiday, we’re all being blessed with the release of the severely hyped-up Black Panther movie. Before you see the film, head over to Comixology and pick up some of the Wakandan hero’s best stories or hit up GameStop to grab discounted collectibles. If you spend more than $35, you can take advantage of GameStop’s new free shipping policy.





  • Over the past few weeks, I’ve buried dozens of hours into my Switch in a fantasy world built by our good friend Todd Howard. I love the Switch, but it’s made me really nostalgic for some of the other great times I’ve had with other Nintendo consoles. If you want to recapture some of these halcyon days, you can head to GameStop and pick up one of their Blast From The Past Consoles, like the Wii bundle with Wii Sports and Super Mario Galaxy.
  • The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition Chess Board at Amazon is a great buy at its full retail price of $74.99 and right now, it’s on sale for $43.99. It’s perfect for people who love chess and people who want to look like they love chess.
  • Massdrop’s Vast 35-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor is back for $599. This monitor is one of the site’s more popular gaming deals and was brought back by popular demand. More than 800 people have already taken advantage of the sale. There’s definitely something to it.

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