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Dream Daddy, Hatoful Boyfriend and more on sale for Valentine’s Day at Humble Bundle

From sweet co-op romance to BDSM mystery

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Ladykiller in a Bind Love Conquers All Games

Humble Bundle has some Valentine’s Day-themed offers this week, including the highly-regarded erotic adventure Ladykiller in a Bind.

Set on a cruise ship, Ladykiller is a cross-dressing, bondage-themed visual novel about a young woman who attempts to seduce her friends and enemies. As we said when the game came out, it’s a “sexually open dialog tree interactive novel set aboard a teen cruise, with various relationships on the line as mysteries unfold and peer competition increases.” Humble Bundle has lopped off 33 percent of the price, bringing it down to $13.49.

For romantics more inclined towards avian love, there’s Hatoful Boyfriend which is on sale for $2.49, down from $9.99. It’s a branching visual novel about the love lives of pigeons. Back in 2014, we enjoyed how the game “makes fun of the dating simulator genre by turning it on its head, making it weird and outrageous.”

Dream Daddy is a fun dating sim in which, well, dads date one another. It’s on sale for $9.89, down from $14.99. We called it “a game that’s funny and good-hearted, presenting a world where a single queer dad’s ability to be a good father is never called into question.”

Finally, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a co-op adventure set in “a galaxy fueled by affection.” It’s on sale for $5.99, down from $14.99.

As we noted in our recent story about cozy couch games, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a good one to play with your significant other. If you’re looking for more ideas, you can check out our Valentine’s games story here.

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