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Netflix revives Neo Yokio’s best meme just in time for Valentine’s Day

You DO deserve this giant Toblerone

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Neo Yokio Netflix

When I think of Neo Yokio, I think of giant Toblerone chocolate bars.

The gag from Netflix’s often-times charming and endearing, but inevitably disappointing anime is one of the most popular moments from the series. Kaz, the main character who’s voiced by Jaden Smith, tells his crush Helena St. Tesoro that she doesn’t deserve a giant Toblerone chocolate bar after traveling across the city to deliver his gift.

The meme was embraced by everyone just days after the show premiered last year, but like any good gag, once t-shirts started springing up on websites like RedBubble and Society6, the internet knew the joke was dead. Netflix, however, has found a way to rejuvenate the meme, and it’s actually quite adorable.

The Neo Yokio Valentine’s Day e-card generator allows you to deliver a digital giant Toblerone to whomever you see fit. You can use the enormous chocolate bar for good, telling that special someone just how much you appreciate them; alternatively, you can use the generator as it’s intended, and tell your ex that you’re doing just fine, and they don’t deserve to have this delectable treat.

Neo Yokio generator
The generator in question

The generator is open for anyone to use, so start flexing those writing muscles and take advantage of the adorable way to send passive-aggressive messages to people you dislike. All I ask is that you don’t abuse the super powers you’ve been given with this generator. Be snide, but don’t be cruel.

Neo Yokio’s first season is available to stream on Netflix. Creator Ezra Koenig (of Vampire Weekend fame) hinted at a second season last weekend, but one has not been confirmed. Polygon has reached out to Netflix for comment on whether a second season is in the works.

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