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Bayonetta returns for a stellar week on Nintendo Switch eShop

Reacquaint yourself with Bayonetta, and introduce yourself to Fe

Bayonetta 2 PlatinumGames/Nintendo

After last week’s small-ish update, Nintendo Switch eShop has received what may be more high-profile games than any of us know what to do with. Between an exciting re-release, a totally new property and then some, Switch owners may find themselves either making a tough, miserly choice ... or just shelling out a bunch o’ cash.

First thing’s first: Bayonetta and its sequel launch on Switch this Friday, Feb. 16. This is a major deal for both fans of these action games already and anyone interested in getting in them, now that we know a third entry is coming. While Bayonetta 2 brought the first game along for the ride when it launched as a Wii U exclusive, the Switch version gives owners a chance to replay them on the go — and playing around with the witch’s extremely rad gunboots and punishing weave in public.

If you buying both games through the eShop (at any point; not just at the same time), you’ll get them at a discounted price. We’d be remiss not to mention that these Bayonetta ports don’t differ much from the Wii U versions, as far as we know, however. But to have the full series on one system will be nice, although Bayonetta 3 is still a ways out.

And now for something completely different: Electronic Arts’ pretty platformer Fe isn’t a Switch-exclusive, but it’s a fitting release for the console. Players embody a fox ... thing (?) that uses an intimate connection with the natural world to explore. We have yet to discover much more of Fe’s secrets and world quite yet. It’s also out on Feb. 16.

The rest of the list is below, and you’ll recognize a few other names on it: We dug Old Man’s Journey when it hit PC and mobile platforms last year, and Puzzle Puppers was one of our favorite indie games of 2017. Layers of Fear: Legacy, meanwhile, is a hard left turn from the rest, in that it’s an extremely disturbing horror game. But the Switch eShop doesn’t discriminate, clearly — especially not this week.