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Ubisoft announces Lion and Finka, Rainbow Six: Siege’s two newest operators

Siege’s two newest attackers bring a little more utility to the team

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Ubisoft revealed the two newest operators for Rainbow Six: Siege during the livestream of the Rainbow Six Invitational tournament. The new characters, Lion and Finka, will be released as part of the game’s Operation Chimera event and will be the first release of Ubisoft’s planned “Year 3” content.

While Ubisoft, in the past, has always launched one attacker and one defender while releasing new operators, both of the operation Chimera characters will be on the attacking side. Also new for Ubisoft, these two operators are the first to come from a fictional international special forces united called the CBRN, rather than the real-life, country-specific special forces units most of the operators in the game hail from.

The first new operator, Lion, is a French operative who uses a drone, called EE-One-D, to detect the position of the enemy defenders. With his special ability, Lion is able to briefly track any defender in the game, but only if they are moving.

The second, Finka, is an operator whose health-boosting nanobots help her teammates. When she activates this ability, her team gains a temporary boost of 40 health, plus quicker movement and reload speed, and even a free revive if they are down.

Both operators will be available on March 6 with the launch of the Operation Chimera event, which also includes a new cooperative game mode.