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PlayStation VR Doom Bundle is now on sale for $249.99

PSVR is still a great deal for fun VR

PlayStation VR headset Sony Interactive Entertainment

The PlayStation VR headset continues to be one of the most affordable ways to get into virtual reality, complete with one of the best game libraries among the competing standards. This latest sale maintains that tradition, with Doom VFR bundle going for $249.99 on eBay. The deal is available now for a limited time.

The Doom VFR bundle comes with the PlayStation VR hardware, the PlayStation Camera, a full copy of Doom VFR on disc and a copy of Demo Disc 2.0, which is Sony’s official name for the demo disc. That’s a pretty good bucket of stuff for the price.

That bundle costs $299.99 at most retailers, so that’s a $50 savings if you grab one before the sale is over or eBay is out of inventory. Think of the free copy of Doom VFR as more of a bonus than anything else at this discounted price, since Doom is a classic game that only kinda works well in VR with the design decisions seen in this release.

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