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Kingdom Come developer promises changes to game’s controversial save system

Developer seems willing to meet fans half way

A mounted knight on horseback returns to his line of mounted troops at dusk. Warhorse Studio/Deep Silver
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When Kingdom Come: Deliverance launched on Feb. 13. the game was riddled with bugs, and the developers at Warhorse Studios have been working hard to patch out the worst of them. Over the weekend they took just a moment to to detail future plans, including a partial fix to the game’s controversial save system.

In Kingdom Come the only way to manually save your game is to sleep in a bed that you own or drink a beverage called “saviour schnapps.” Not only is the drink expensive to purchase from in-game vendors, but it will also get you drunk. That’s not always advisable if you’re heading into high-stakes, first-person melee combat. Fans and critics alike have spoken out about the lack of a quick-save feature, and it looks like Warhorse is willing to meet them halfway.

The upcoming 1.3 patch, Warhorse said, will add a “save and exit” feature. So, while players won’t be able to spam save games as they go along, they will at least be able to stop playing whenever they want without sacrificing progress. That future patch, which does not have a release date, will also include revamped lockpicking and pickpocketing minigames. The team said that special attention is being paid to optimizing them for controller support.

Kingdom Come, which Warhorse promotes as a “realistic open-world” that thrives on “historical accuracy” will also add a magic potion so that players can respec their character, ostensibly rebuilding their skillset from the ground up.

The game has received two large patches already. Both were part of the initial download of the game for players on PC. However, those who bought the game on console were greeted by a required 23 GB patch at launch and, just a few days later, a second required 16 GB patch. A third update, which the team refers to as a hotfix, is being submitted for certification today. That means PC players could have access to it imminently, while console players will most likely see it later this week. No word on how large that hotfix will be.

Warhorse warns that it can be difficult to tell what patch you have installed without booting up the game, especially if you’re playing on console.

“We don’t have any control of patch version numbers that you see when downloading,” it said. “These are numbers assigned by platform holder and they could vary in different regions, languages etc. So if you want to be sure which version you have installed, launch the game and in the main menu check the bottom left corner. That’s the right patch version.”

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