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Fable returns with collectible card game, two years after troubled Kickstarter

Fable Fortune leaves Early Access this week

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Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl Studios
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Fable Fortune, the collectible card game from Flaming Fowl Studios, leaves early access on Feb. 22. The free-to-play title will go live on PC and Xbox One.

Flaming Fowl, which counts among its members several ex-Lionhead Studios members, originally pitched Fable Fortune on Kickstarter. With just a week to go in the campaign, the team had only earned some $86,000 of its $365,900 ask. That’s when the studio canceled the campaign, citing a new source of funding. Since then, Mediatonic joined the project and received top billing in promotional materials. Fans may recognize that team as the studio responsible for games like Hatoful Boyfriend and the Amateur Surgeon series.

Fable Fortune was originally pitched to potential backers as a free-to-play title when the Kickstarter campaign went live in May 2016. It entered Steam Early Access and Xbox Live Game Preview simultaneously in July of last year. The game puts players in the role of one of six different heroes in the battle for Albion, and features quests as well as a co-op mode.

The game will be available for Windows 10 and on Steam, as well as the Xbox Marketplace. The $14.99 Fable Fortune Founder’s Pack will grant players “over $40 worth of in-game items, including 20 card packs, the exclusive Flaming Fowl Trophy Card, and the very rare (you might even say ‘Fabled’) Giant Egg card.”

The Fable franchise has been in the news a bit lately. Last month, one outlet reported that a franchise reboot is in the works by Playground Games, makers of Forza Horizon.