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Unusual fighter Way of the Passive Fist coming next month

Tribute to ‘90s brawlers takes a very different approach

I saw Way of the Passive Fist at Day of the Devs last year, and came away impressed by its original take on the 2D fighter genre. Now the game has a release date in early March, and a launch trailer.

It’s a love letter to early-’90s brawlers, but there’s a major departure point. Players do not have offensive moves, only defensive. Parries and counters are far more important than brazen attacks. It’s up to you to wear down opponents, before knocking them out with a feather-light touch.

According to developer Jason Canam, players must really learn how their opponents fight. “This isn’t your typical action arcade brawler since button mashing won’t get you far and it’s all about timing defensive moves,” said Canam.

Way of the Passive Fist from Household Games will be available for PlayStation 4 on March 6 and for Windows PC and Xbox One on March 7.