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You can now view, edit PlayStation Network profiles on the web

No more dealing with that awful mobile app

the PlayStation button icons flying across a blue background Samit Sarkar/Polygon

The PlayStation Network mobile app is pretty darn terrible, and it seems like Sony has finally owned up to that. The company just launched a browser version of its PlayStation Network features, allowing members to access, edit and view their profiles without having to log into their consoles.

My PlayStation is a sleek, easy-to-navigate site that grants full access to all the features you’d ever want to check on the go. I logged in and immediately could see my friends list and profiles, trophies collection and messages. There’s also a quick menu of who and who isn’t online — so if you’re not sure you want to turn on your PS4 just to find no one else is playing Monster Hunter: World right now, the website will give you the head’s up.

psn browser profile on various monitors
Here’s how the page looks on various screens.

The edit profile section also gives you quick access to some important settings, like checking to see if your two-factor authentication is set up and switching up your profile picture if you’re bored of it. The one thing it still won’t let you do? Well ...

playstation network online id on my playstation
Still can’t change that online ID. Sorry, BrOnXbOmBr21.

If you already have and are logged into a PlayStation Network account, you just need to head to the My PlayStation website and you’ll immediately be in. After that, the rest should come naturally — and you’ll never have to use the mobile app, which sends you through so many different redirects and has a lousy interface, again.