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PUBG’s loot crate system just got a little better

One of the economy’s biggest annoyances has been improved

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds - skydiving into Miramar PUBG Corp.

The Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ development and community team have updated the game’s patch notes to include two new crates that are coming to the game, as well as some welcome changes to PUBG’s economy.

The new Fever crate will feature retro-styled cosmetic items, while the Militia crate will focus on slightly more traditional combat gear. You can check out a few examples of the new items in the image below.

PUBG Corp.

That’s neat, but the biggest change to the crate system is that the Fever crates, which require the player to purchase a key to open, will now be selectable on the weekly crate screen.

We’ve complained about the existing system, which would sometimes randomly award you crates you had to pay to open, and the likelihood of that happening has gone down with this new update. You now have the option of selecting the premium crate instead of the game assigning it to you.

This is what the screen looks like today on the test server:

Loot crates from PUBG
You can select, or avoid, the new premium crate
PUBG Corp./Bluehole

You will still sometimes be given a premium crate, but the chances of the game giving you the Desperado crate — which requires a key to open — has gone down to 20 percent from the original 40 percent. You’re now much less likely to be stuck with a premium crate you have to pay to open if you’d like to avoid spending real money on the game.

You can see the full odds of getting each piece of gear in the patch notes. This is a nice step in the right direction.

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