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Metal Gear Solid meets Mueller’s Russia indictments in the crossover they both deserve

Life is officially very strange

FBI Director Robert Muller Holds News Conference Alex Wong/Getty Images

It all started with a tweet.

Well, OK. It all started with a federal investigation into possible collusion with a foreign power — but let’s not split hairs.

Special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller recently indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities as part of his investigation into alleged Russian tampering with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The ensuing paperwork is a sight to behold, and completely surreal to try to read as a layperson.

As one reporter noted, it reads like something out of science fiction. Or at least like something out of TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION.

That tweet ultimately led to Paul Eiding, the actor who voiced Col. Roy Campbell in the Metal Gear Solid games, recording an in-character reading of the indictments. The result is one of the few genuinely funny things to come out of this whole dire business.

It only took five days for the circle to be completed, and now everyone can move on their lives. Well, everyone who didn’t illegally work with Russia.

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