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Detective Pikachu looks like one of the weirdest Pokémon games ever

This sure ain’t your older sister’s Pokémon game

Detective Pikachu is a month away from its Western launch on March 23 — but I’m not sure I can wait another 28 days to play this exceptionally bizarre mystery-adventure game, based on its most in-depth trailer yet.

We already know that a deep-voiced, English-speaking Pikachu travels with teen boy Tim to help out a variety of Pokémon in need. (Tim’s mostly in it to get this Pikachu to find his missing father, which ... well, we’ll just go with it.) But it sounds like Tim is getting a bunch of the credit for Pikachu’s work — work that involves an absurd amount of dancing Pokémon, solving jigsaw puzzles and, uh, even invading other Pokémon’s privacy.

There’s also a major subplot involving the legendary Mewtwo, which appears to be brainwashing other Pokémon into rampaging throughout Ryme City. It’s up to Pikachu and Tim to contend with not only needy humans and Pokémon, but the toughest monster of them all.

That sounds like an unfair amount of work to put on an electric mouse and a recently orphaned child ... but it also sounds hilariously absurd as hell. I can’t think of a single other Pokémon that looks as weird as this one — and that’s why I’m pumped for Detective Pikachu’s impending release on Nintendo 3DS, as well as that gigantic amiibo launching alongside it.