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Overwatch’s Zenyatta officially takes his first steps, and it’s kinda cringey

Ask and ye shall receive, Overwatch League fan

OK, you asked for it.
playoverwatch on Twitter

Zenyatta, as Overwatch fans well know, does not walk. The omnic monk floats about the playing field, rising from his seated, vaguely Buddhist meditative posture only for an emote or two, but he never touches the ground. At an Overwatch League event recently, a fan hoisted a funny sign demanding that the character walk. Well, Blizzard called that bluff.

This looks like the kind of pre-game calisthenics you see baseball players do to stretch out their groins, except a lot faster. The comparisons to Looney Tunes’ Michigan J. Frog is likewise apropos.

Michigan J. Frog, looney tunes, dancing frog, singing frog, hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaaaaaal
Not Zenyatta, but close enough.
Warner Bros.

In any event, please, no more funny suggestions. (Well, OK, porting the characters to a fighting game would be pretty rad.) Blizzard will take you up on it and then we’ll all get the thing we can’t unsee.

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