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Sea of Thieves honors 28 players in-game for hardy work in its early builds

No word if they’ll stay for the main game, but here they all are

sea of thieves easter egg tribute to players Rare/Microsoft Game Studios

Sea of Thieves’ closed beta ended about a week ago, leaving behind a bunch of in-game tributes to players who have helped developer Rare out the most, either with feedback on the beta, or just by being hardy shipmates as the rollicking pirate MMO comes to term.

There’s no confirmation these will be part of the main game when that launches March 20. So this thread at the Sea of Thieves official forum has catalogued the 26 known Easter eggs bearing players’ Gamertags and often symbolizing what notorious thing they did in their time with the game. (One of the Easter eggs recognizes multiple players, and some players have been recognized twice.)

In the form of wanted posters, tavern names, and skeletons clutching parchment, citations have been given for reasons earnest (Moderating Sea of Thieves’ Xbox Club) and silly (dying the most times by falling from a crows’ nest, after falling damage was introduced). Disclosure: Polygon’s Griffin McElroy was given an Easter egg for eating an unpeeled banana following the game’s memorable E3 2017 demonstration.

The Easter eggs have been part of the pre-release builds of the game over the past eight months. The forum thread lists everything known about the player and the reason for the honor, plus a description of where it’s located and a screenshot of it.

Four were added over the last 10 days. In this announcement of the Scale Test (which just wrapped up on Sunday) Rare said it is planning one more beta before the game’s launch next month. The most recent honorees are:

Cacci: Presumably for high accuracy in the Sea of Thieves Scale Test.

Sea of thieves easter eggs Rare/Microsoft Studios

Daimyo-DoriMa: For contributions to the community as well as extensive game feedback in the Closed Beta.

sea of thieves easter eggs Rare/Microsoft Studios

Capta1n-Cr0ss: For being the “Deadliest Pirate” during the Technical Alpha.

Sea of thieves easter eggs Rare/Microsoft Studios

and Taydoge-Swift: for just being a great community member.

Sea of thieves easter eggs Rare/Microsoft Studios

Sea of Thieves is a Windows PC and Xbox One exclusive. It will also be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on the day it launches, the first new game to join that program.

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