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Pathfinder on your tablet and in your browser, complete with dice and a GM

Officially licensed Paizo adventures will be available next month, Starfinder to come later this year

Cover art for the first-edition Pathfinder Core Rulebook shows two heroes in battle against a red dragon. A tower crumbles around them at the fighter lashes out with a sword. Behind him a mage readies a spell. Paizo

Roll20, the leading browser-based virtual tabletop application, has partnered with Paizo Games to bring Pathfinder online. The browser-based tool, which also includes an app for iOS and Android devices, is free. An automated Pathfinder character sheet with be available for all on March 22, with several adventure modules to follow. Comparable content for Starfinder, Paizo’s newest game, will come out later this year.

Roll20 began as a Kickstarter and has since become the premier browser-based virtual tabletop application. Game masters log in and prepare the client with materials, much as they would for an in-person game. Players arrive later, and the GM leads them through an adventure as though they were sitting together at a physical table.

The application includes video and voiceover IP and even serves capably as a digital toolkit to enhance real-world games.

Paizo isn’t the first company to partner with Roll20 to provide official content. In 2016, Wizards of the Coast came on board with Lost Mine of Phandelver, an adventure from D&D’s fifth edition starter set, and Storm King’s Thunder, a complete adventure for characters from level one through 11 and beyond. Additional modern adventure modules have followed.

Roll20’s Pro subscribers will be the first to access the new Paizo content when the Pathfinder adventure sheet becomes available on March 6. It will then be free to all subscribers on March 22. The first adventure module will be War for the Crown, with additional content from that series, as well as the Bestiary (Pathfinder’s equivalent of the Monster Manual), to follow. Finally, Starfinder, the spacefaring game released at last year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis, will come out later in 2018.

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