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Chrono Trigger just popped up on Steam

Now play one of the best RPGs ever on your PC

Square Enix has released Chrono Trigger, one of the most beloved role-playing games of all time, on Steam. The game is now available on the storefront for $14.99, with a limited-edition version available until April 2.

The Windows PC release includes features previously exclusive to the games’ Nintendo DS, Android and iOS releases, as well as new, additional updates. These include the Nintendo DS version’s pair of bonus dungeons, along with optimized graphics and sound, keyboard and mouse support, and an autosave feature.

With the limited edition of Chrono Trigger, buyers will get a medley of music to download, as well as PC wallpapers. These bonuses are available at no added cost through the end of the availability window.

The iOS and Android versions of Chrono Trigger will also receive these features and upgrades, Square Enix said; it also now supports Apple TV and cloud saves. The game is also now out on the Amazon App Store.

We put the original Super Nintendo release of Chrono Trigger on our list of the 500 greatest games of all time. Check out that feature to see where it landed.

Update: Chrono Trigger’s Steam release a port of the mobile version, which hasn’t been well received by longtime fans in the past.