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Killer7 is coming back, thanks to Let It Die

Happy 20th anniversary, Grasshopper Manufacture

killer7 screenshot Grasshopper Manufacture/Capcom

Killer7 is and will always be a polarizing game, but Suda51’s 2005 psycho-thriller remains beloved by fans of the director. But we have yet to get any additional adventures in the world of Harman Smith and his many other forms — which is why Let It Die’s upcoming crossover with the franchise is exciting.

GungHo Entertainment announced that, in honor of developer Grasshopper Manufacture’s 20th anniversary, Let It Die would receive Killer7-themed content as part of an impending update. GungHo Entertainment is calling the Killer7 update a “collab,” which suggests something a little more exciting than the typical Let It Die crossover event. More information is expected to come, with a spring 2018 start date expected.

killer7 collab coming to let it die Grasshopper Manufacture/Gung-Ho Entertainment

Most recently, the free-to-play PlayStation 4 game received special content inspired by Gravity Rush 2 and World of Tanks, which is ... fine. But here’s hoping that the Killer7 anniversary present amounts to more than red-and-black, cel-shaded gear and decorative items.

We don’t want to jump the gun and say that this could be a good sign that more Killer7, which originally launched on both GameCube and PlayStation 2, is on its way. But it’s nice to see that Grasshopper Manufacture hasn’t forgotten one of the games that helped the studio leave its mark on gaming.

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