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Westworld website hints at six different parks following season 2 trailer debut

Samurai World, Medieval World, Roman World, and ...

Westworld’s most dedicated internet sleuths are already trying to crack the second season’s code, analyzing every last detail of HBO’s new trailer, which debuted last night during the Super Bowl.

They’re already on the right track. One Reddit user, Askin1, made a name for himself decoding mysteries during Westworld’s first season, and noticed something strange about the new trailer. Just past the 30-second mark, white bars flash in the upper-right hand part of the screen. Askin1 deciphered the binary code, and confirmed those bars “decode to” Typing that number into your browser directs to a website for Delos Incorporated.

We’ve known since the end of Westworld’s first season that Delos Incorporated, the manufacturer responsible for the elaborate theme park, built more than one virtual world that travelers could visit. The finale teased a Samurai World, which co-creator Jonathan Nolan hinted at playing a bigger role in the show’s second season. The finale also confirmed multiple worlds through a note given to Maeve from Felix, acknowledging that her daughter was in “Park 1.”

Delos’ website reveals there are (at least) six parks, including Westworld, but doesn’t give away much information about the last five. There are a couple of glitchy posters that hint at a luscious, green world, which we can assume is either Samurai World or Medieval World, but that’s about it.

Westworld season 2

In Michael Crichton’s original 1973 movie, some of the parks visitors were allowed to roam through included Roman World and Medieval World. It’s unclear if these parks will make an appearance in the show’s second season, but Nolan and co-creator Lisa Joy did tease the inclusion of Roman World and Medieval World during a Vanity Fair summit last year.

Just like any Westworld experience, the website is fully interactive, and there are clues littered in every mouse click. Click on the different parks, for example, and some of them include notes saying authorized personnel only. The first two — Westworld and the unknown green arena — do not have those messages. Reddit user Askin1 went through everything the site has to offer, grabbing individual links of park guides that Westworld diehards will want to pore over, searching for any clues these images might contain.

Westworld’s second season will premiere on April 22 on HBO for those who’d rather wait to see what happens.

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