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Twitch crashes upon Dr. DisRespect’s return to platform


Dr. DisRespect streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Dr. DisRespect/Twitch

Update: Dr. DisRespect tops 380K viewers, doesn’t address scandal in Twitch return

Dr. DisRespect’s much-anticipated return to Twitch was met with disappointment, as the site’s servers seemed to crash under the increased traffic.

Dr. DisRespect was supposed to make his return at 2 p.m. ET on Twitch, but tweeted out 10 minutes later that he broke Twitch. The same thing happened when League of Legends’ Tyler1 returned to Twitch in January upon Riot Games lifting his ban. Prior to Dr. DisRespect’s return, gambling sites were taking wagers on which notorious steamer would have the bigger audience for their first streams back; Tyler1 managed to garner more than 400,000 concurrent viewers at the height of his stream.

Dr. DisRespect Twitch
Dr. DisRespect’s Twitch chat

Dr. DisRespect still isn’t able to stream at the time of this writing, and anxious viewers are getting antsy with the length of time they’ve been forced to wait.

Dr. DisRespect left Twitch in December after confessing to his viewers that he cheated on his wife, and saying that he was taking time away from streaming to focus on his family. He announced in January, in a strange and uncomfortable video, that he was making his return on Feb. 5.

Twitch down
Twitch is down.
Twitch homepage is pretty barren right now (as of 2:20PM ET on Feb. 4)

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