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E3 public tickets on sale now

Extended hours likely mean more opportunities to attend

A mob of fans waits in line for the opening of the E3 convention in 2017.
E3 2017

Story updated from original, published a week ago.

Consumer tickets for this year’s E3 are on sale now, according to show organizer the Entertainment Software Association.

The video game industry’s annual jamboree has been running since 1995. Until last year, it was only open to members of the trade such as retailers, developers and publishers as well as media. But last year, the ESA sold 15,000 tickets to consumers, reversing a general decline in attendance.

For E3 2018, consumer tickets will once again be limited, and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The ESA hasn’t said how many tickets will be available this year, but E3’s hours are being extended to accommodate the show’s growing numbers.

“Gamers raise the energy of E3 to a fever pitch, reinforcing its place as the world’s preeminent event for video games,” said Michael Gallagher, president and CEO of ESA. “We are excited to fuel that passion and enhance the gamer experience at E3 by extending show hours.”

The show will be open to consumers for three days, beginning on Tuesday June 12. Trade visitors will be able to access the show earlier than consumers on the first two days of the show, which are open to the public in the afternoons and early evening. The show is open to all attendees on the final day, which is generally the least busy day.

Prices for three-day tickets are $249, with the first 1,000 tickets available for $149 each. E3 has a useful FAQ page that addresses questions about attendance.