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Forget monster hunting, now you can mate them too

Fun browser game stars the beast with two backs

Monster Breeder
Monster Breeder
Neil Cicierega

Monster Breeder is a browser game about monsters, breeding. But first you have to catch them. Then you pair them up. Then you sell their offspring.

It’s the work of internet artist Neil Cicierega, a prolific flash animator, musician and game designer. Presented as a top-down role-playing adventure, the player searches dark woods, old castles and creepy lake-sides for famous monsters (Frankenstein, Wolf Man etc.).

Once captured and transported back to base, you then pair them up, as you wish. In the case or our examples, you end up with an issue called “Wolfenstein,” but the combinations are pretty much endless, and often amusing.

If you like, you can set your monsters free, or you can sell them to creepy collectors. Monies raised are spent on monster hunting gear that allows you to collect more exotic monsters, such as the Lock Ness monster or a gargoyle. You can mate those guys too, if you like. It’s probably fine.

Anyway, Monster Breeder is a fun little journey to understanding that there’s no monster quite so horrific as the one who hunts and mates and sells other monsters. Here’s the link.

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