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Here are Overwatch’s Lunar New Year skins for 2018

It’s the Year of the Dog

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year seasonal event kicks off today, bringing with it a new map — Ayutthaya, set in Thailand — and an updated version of the game’s capture the flag mode. Of course, a fresh batch of cosmetic items, including new legendary skins, sprays and emotes for the game’s heroes, is also included with Overwatch Lunar New Year.

This year’s Lunar New Year skins include new legendaries for Genji, Mercy, Zarya, Pharah, McCree and Widowmaker. There are also plenty of new cosmetics based on this year’s theme, the Year of the Dog. Blizzard promises more than 50 new pieces of loot to unlock.

Here’s a look at what Overwatch players will find in this year’s Lunar New Year loot boxes:

Last year’s Lunar New Year cosmetics are also available for purchase at a discounted rate, in case you missed something in 2017.

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year for 2018 starts today, Feb. 8, and runs for four weeks. During the event, Blizzard is holding a competitive ranked version of capture the flag, which will be played on Ayutthaya. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, Ayutthaya will continue to stay in Overwatch’s map rotation after Lunar New Year ends.

Here’s more from Kaplan on this year’s Lunar New Year update.

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