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Look at this giant, perfect Kirby plush

Hi, it’s Kirby, and he likes cake

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giant kirby plush Bandai

If I know anything about Kirby — and believe you me, I do — I know that he’s a light, little, very lovable dude.

Now here comes Bandai, shaking up the Kirby basics. But the toy company seems to have altered Kirby for the better. A gigantic plush Kirby is now available to pre-order from its Japanese website, and it may be more huggable and perfect than any other Kirby I’ve seen before.

There’s a backstory to this big Kirby, which stands almost two-feet tall and weighs 12 pounds. Our boy has an insatiable sweet tooth. When he got hands on his own special-branded set of beancake-like dumplings, called manju, Kirby kind of ... lost control. And several boxes later, he became very full, and very big.

Bandai is really hammering in this story, because this big Kirby plush is called the “full-stomach Kirby.” The plush has a little manju sewn into Kirby’s hand (apparently, like all boys, this one never learned his lesson). The package even comes with a set of manju, so that whoever invites the pink puff ball into their house can snack on some of those accursed dumplings themselves. Then Kirby won’t have to be the only one who’s all stuffed and bloated.

manju from kirby plush
Arguably too cute to eat.

The combined package costs 15,400 yen before shipping, which works out to roughly $142. It doesn’t seem likely that it will ship internationally, what with the food in the box and all. But you have until June to pester Bandai about sending a humongous box o’ Kirby your way; that’s when the company says the plush will begin to ship.

We’ve seen very good oversized plushes before, like a Snorlax cushion and a squishy Ditto. But Kirby may take the cake — or beancake, as it were. Because Kirby was born to be hugged. He embraces it. And right now, who among us doesn’t need a nice squeeze from the nicest boy in the Nintendo canon? I can think of at least 20 different times I could have used one this week. Thank you as always, Kirby.

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