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Xbox Live service is back after extended downtime (update)

It wasn’t just you

Xbox guide button on new Xbox One controller Brian Crecente/Polygon

Update (March 2): Xbox Live appears to be back up and running. The Xbox Live status page on the platform’s support website indicates that every core service is operating as usual. The Xbox Support Twitter account has yet to send out a message confirming that this is the case, but unless we hear otherwise, Xbox Live should be back up.

Original story: In case you’re wondering why you can’t log onto Xbox Live right now, it’s because the service is down. The Xbox Support Twitter account confirmed that Xbox Live is experiencing widespread outages, which is why your online connection may currently be either unstable or non-existent.

“Hey everyone! We’re aware that some of you are having trouble signing into Xbox Live - the right teams are hard at work to get everything working again. Thanks so much for all your patience!” reads a tweet from the account, sent nearly one hour ago.

The Xbox Live Support page also confirms that services are limited across the platform. The Twitter account has yet to update players on the status of the network connection, and the replies on Twitter suggest that Xbox Live is still just as inaccessible now as it was at 6:17 p.m. ET. Massive threads on Reddit also confirm that this isn’t just a tiny network outage; a whole lot of people who want to get online and play Monster Hunter: World or Overwatch or whatever after work can’t log into Xbox Live right now. And that definitely stinks.

We’ll update when Xbox Support confirms that Xbox Live is back up and running. In the meantime, the PlayStation Network appears to be working ... well, for the most part.

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