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Battlefield 1 slips in a jack-in-the-box Easter egg

EA DICE nods to a funny video from a couple months ago

What began as a doctored joke over Twitter back in January has come to life as an Easter egg in Battlefield 1.

To see it for yourself, grab the lMG 08/18 machine gun, fire it off until there are 13 rounds left in the magazine, and then reload. Voila!

As the video’s creator, DannyOnPC, noted in the Reddit thread revealing the surprise (via Kotaku), Reddit user flakfire spotted the the jack-in-the-box nature of winding up the lMG 08/18’s belt in a very long reload animation.

Ryan Duffin, an animation lead for EA DICE Los Angeles, confirmed the Easter egg yesterday and its inspiration.

The lMG 08/18 is one of the newer weapons in Battlefield 1. It was introduced with the Apocalypse expansion back in February (for season pass subscribers, March 6 a la carte), the last of four extensions for the game.

The lMG 08/18 is unlocked with 50 kills in the support class. The reload animation heavily incentives firing to the end of the belt, because if there’s any ammo left, it gets wound up, significantly lengthening the reload. Of course, if you do that, you miss Pop Goes The Weasel.

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