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Final Fantasy 15 PC tweak lets you jam to your own music

I need someone to make “Rollin’ With the Homies” their driving music, stat

Mod support is coming to Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition, but the Steam feature isn’t ready yet. That hasn’t stopped players from figuring out other ways to edit the PC game from the backend, with a handful of upgrades and cheats already available. Our favorite one is also among the newest: a simple editing trick to swap out the game’s original music for a track of your choosing.

In the video above, user Ryudo Gaming offers a quick tutorial on how to replace Final Fantasy 15’s music “in under 10 minutes,” according to their description. The video specifically covers how to edit the music that plays in the Regalia, Noctis’ fancy convertible that he and his boys roll through Eos in.

The way it works is by using Audacity, along with encoding software and a toolkit that Ryudo Gaming makes available in the video description, to edit music so that it can be read by Final Fantasy 15. It sounds remarkably uncomplicated, even as other methods shared on Reddit make the process seem a lot more involved.

There’s one that lets players swap music within the game itself around, so that you can listen to the game’s theme song while in battle, for example. That’s detailed in the video from PrinceBrightstar below, and it entails copying and deleting music files within the game folder.

Maybe there will be a further simplified way to edit the soundtrack once mod support arrives. For now, I have an important request: Please program some actually good driving music into the Regalia. I beg you.

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