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Play Super Mega Baseball 2 soon in its closed beta

Starting this month

Super Mega Baseball 2 developer Metalhead Software will run private beta testing for the game this month, the indie studio announced today.

The closed beta will be available only on Xbox One, and it is scheduled to begin “within the next two weeks,” Metalhead said in a news release. Interested parties can sign up for a chance to partake in the beta, but they should note that participation comes with some rules and conditions.

The main restriction is that the beta isn’t just invite-only; it’s private in the sense that beta testers will not be permitted to publicly share any “information, images or video” in any way, including on social media, according to the sign-up page. Testers should be willing to provide feedback, which Metalhead will collect only from a private subreddit — and the studio is thus requiring that people submit a Reddit account when they apply.

“We’ve tackled an ambitious feature set on Super Mega Baseball 2 and view this Closed Beta as a way to make sure the game and its online systems are ready to party on launch day,” said Metalhead co-founder Scott Drader in a news release. “We expect we’ll get plenty of fantastic feedback that will help us polish and balance the experience on the way to the launch of the full game.”

Metalhead plans to run “a series of closed tests” over multiple weeks, offering players a glimpse of Super Mega Baseball 2’s exhibition games and Pennant Race mode. In Pennant Race, the studio will set up certain limited windows during which players will compete to post the best online record. In the long term, players’ Pennant Race prowess will be ranked using a tiered system. For more on online play in Super Mega Baseball 2 — a feature that was not present in the original game — check out the new trailer above.

Super Mega Baseball 2, which was announced in September 2016 for a 2017 release but was later delayed to 2018, is scheduled to launch this spring on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC as well as Xbox One. Cross-platform play will be available between PC and each console, but not across the consoles.

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