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Monster Hunter: World to feature stylish Devil May Cry collab

“Dante must dine!”

Monster Hunter: Worlds next crossover will be with another Capcom franchise: Devil May Cry. Players will be able to equip Devil May Cry hero Dante’s weapons, as well as wear the demon hunter’s stylish costume.

The trailer above shows Dante’s Monster Hunter: World debut in action, as he unleashes his transforming sword on one of the series’ trademark beasts. But we also get to see our boy Dante run away with some monster meat in tow, because vigilantes have to stop for lunch every once in a while.

Capcom hasn’t set a date for the Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry collaboration yet, although players will be able to pick up the collectible goods through a special event quest, according to the company’s blog. For those who have yet to familiarize themselves with Dante’s adventures, the Devil May Cry HD Collection recently launched on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. It exclusively includes the first three games in the series, leaving out the fourth entry and the controversial DmC — a game that reimagines our silver-haired hero into a brown-haired brat. (But that’s another conversation entirely.)

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