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Drake sets records with his Fortnite: Battle Royale Twitch debut

Drake meme no: Chicken dinner; Drake meme yes: Victory royale

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a Twitch streamer whose profile has risen rapidly alongside the massively popular Fortnite. Between Feb. 22 and March 3, Blevins gained more than 50,000 subscribers. And while hundreds of thousands of people tune in to Fortnite streams every day, it’s not every day that one of the world’s biggest musicians joins them.

At its peak, Ninja’s stream with rapper Drake had over 635,000 concurrent viewers, surpassing Dr. DisRespect’s previous non-tournament record of 388,000. The all-time Twitch record is held by Eleague Major: Boston 2018 with over 1.1 million concurrent viewers.

Ninja also reportedly gained more than 90,000 subscribers, which accounts for a total of at least $250,000 a month in revenue for Ninja. The event was reportedly the top four trending topics across US simultaneously — for Drake, Ninja, Travis Scott (who also joined), and Fortnite, in that order. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster hopped on later in the stream.

What’s happening on the stream:

  1. Drake and Ninja discuss the future of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Drake thinks they should focus on freshening up the existing map rather than creating a new one right away.
  2. Drake confirms he knows what League of Legends is.
  3. Drake drops his extra weapons for Ninja. He’s a team player.
  4. Drake plays on PS4, Ninja plays on PC ... it’s not entirely clear if they’re playing on two separate platforms in this stream, though we’ve reached out to Epic for comment.
  5. Drake has a Scuf controller.
  6. Drake uses the John Wick-inspired skin.
  7. Drake is snacking on pizza while he plays.
  8. Drake confirms that he’s vegetarian on the stream, which, if we’re reading into things, means he’s not interested in chicken dinners.
  10. Drake says “God’s Plan” while reviving Travis Scott

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