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Learn how Nintendo Labo lets you make your own Toy-Con projects

Toy-Con Garage is even cooler in action

We already know that Nintendo's DIY cardboard gaming peripheral, Nintendo Labo, will give players the option to build toys of their own design. A month ahead of the line's April 20 launch, a video series shows off how this feature — Toy-Con Garage — actually works in practice.

The first episode is out now, and it covers the basics. Toy-Con Garage utilizes a series of nodes that connect to each other and enable or disable specific functionality; if you want to program your keyboard Toy-Con so that all of the notes are in the wrong places, sure, go ahead. As we said in our earlier preview of the Garage, the point here is to get as weird and creative as possible, extending the life of Labo beyond the pre-made projects Nintendo supplies by default.

This is a super simplified version of programming that is core to Nintendo's educational philosophy with Labo. It’s also available within both Labo kits available at launch: the Variety Kit and Robot Kit.

It's hard to communicate how rad Toy-Con Garage is with just words, so the visuals Nintendo is now providing go a long way in once again proving that Labo is exciting, inventive and just a little bit weird.

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