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Nintendo Switch eShop update brings the cuteness and the waterworks

Kirby’s here — and so is one of 2017’s most underrated, moving games

Last Day of June - ghostly man sitting in chair next to empty chair Ovosonico/505 Games

This is a Nintendo eShop update that fans can get sucked into — because there’s a new Kirby game out this week, his first for Nintendo Switch. (Get it? “Sucked into”? Because Kirby? Oh my god I’m so sorry I don’t know why I’m like this.)

While Kirby Star Allies, out on March 16, is an obvious choice to headline the latest batch of Nintendo Switch eShop games, there’s at least one other game worth our attention that shouldn’t get lost in the fold. Last Day of June launched on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC last year to critical acclaim, but its new Switch version gives those of us who missed out a second chance to discover it.

Last Day of June is a story-heavy adventure game about death and time travel. It’s incredibly sad, especially if you’ve ever loved and lost. But it’s not one of those indies that forgoes engrossing gameplay to tell that moving story. Last Day of June is rife with puzzles to solve, challenging players to become more involved in its big-headed characters, watercolor world and dialogue-free writing. And as our reviewer put it last year, “There’ve been maybe five games in my life that have made me cry. This is one.”

The friendship-focused Kirby Star Allies might make us cry too, since it’s all smiles and hugs and sweets. What we appreciate most, though, is that Kirby’s cutesy multiplayer title is launching alongside this devastatingly sad indie that we may have missed out on. This seems like some good counter-programming on Nintendo’s part.

Here’s the full list of eShop releases through next Thursday, March 21.

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