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Quake Champions’ new update turns off hero abilities

Step right up, ‘Quake dads’ who want to brag about their skills

Quake Champions’ latest update in early access is gonna kick it old-school: Custom games will now have a “No Abilities” mode that throws it back to the days of vanilla Quake, for all the get-off-my-lawn types who want to brag about their true skills in arena shooters.

The March update, live right now, also returns the one-shot kill Instagib mode, as well as two-on-two ranked play. There are also some Easter-themed cosmetics as we move into springtime for Quakeguy.

The updates coincide with the release of the Scalebearer Pack beginning tomorrow. For $4.99, it gives players early access to the game (through Steam and, Scalebearer and Ranger (Quakeguy) as permanently unlocked playable champions, and three days to play as anyone else in the cast of characters.

Quake Champions is modeling itself as a free-to-play game, where the roster is “rented” either by earning in-game currency or bought outright for real money. So the No Abilities mode neutralizes any skills special to a champion and reduces everyone to the basic running, gunning and jumping of the original game.

As always, the “Champions Pack” is still on sale for $29.99, which gives players access to everything, plus other in-game bonuses. The Quake websie has more information.

Quake Champions is available for Windows PC. It was announced at E3 2016 and went into early access in August 2017.

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