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Twitch will air another Mister Rogers marathon to celebrate anniversary

All 856 episodes are back

Mister Rogers PBS/Twitch

It’s important to find the light buried within darkness, and that’s precisely what marathons of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood do for Twitch.

Twitch is partnering with PBS for another Mister Rogers marathon following the popular collaboration between the two companies in 2017. Millions of people watched the first stream that aired in June 2017, according to Twitch, and more than $42,145 was raised for PBS funding. Those who tuned in to the marathon were encouraged to leave voicemails talking about Mister Rogers’ importance in their lives. More than 300 were received, and some of the messages were downright uplifting.

The new marathon won’t be conducted for charity purposes, based on a press release from Twitch, but is being held to celebrate Fred Rogers’ 90th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the debut of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, PBS’ classic children’s program that ran on PBS for 30 years.

The marathon will live on the official Mister Rogers channel, but Twitch is allowing other streamers to co-stream the marathon on their own channels if they wish. All casters need to do is set their game to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and start capturing the stream. Popular streamer Futuregamingman will emcee the event, while other streamers are set to co-stream.

The marathon kicks off on March 20 at 1 p.m. ET and will run until all 856 episodes come to and end (just under 11 days).

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