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Sea of Thieves guide to quests and voyages

We’re here to help you learn the ins and outs of questing

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So you’ve just landed on the shores of some random pirate isle and you’ve got one thing on your mind: earn money to buy a fancy new compass.

Money is a big motivator in Sea of Thieves and the only surefire way to get it is to complete quests. That may seem simple but starting and completing quests are surprisingly complicated, so be sure to follow allow closely as we walk through the nitty gritty.

Accepting a quest at outposts


Your starting island is an outpost. There are a handful of outposts on the open ocean (delineated by having the word “Outpost” in their name). Each of these outposts has three quest-givers representing the three main factions in Sea of Thieves: the Gold Hoarders, the Order of Souls and the Merchant’s Alliance.

You can always find Gold Hoarders in a tent. The Order of Souls in a creepy apothecary (look for bones hanging on ropes). The Merchant’s Alliance always hang out on docks.

To accept a quest from one, simply talk to the representative and pick up a voyage. You’ll see them as a batch of three at the bottom of the voyage select screen. You have room for up to three voyages in your inventory, which can be from any combination of the factions.

Starting your voyage


Even though you have a voyage in your inventory, you won’t know where you need to go until you actually start it. To do so, climb on your ship and head into the captain’s quarters. From there, you can walk up to the captain’s table and interact with it, whereupon you can select the voyage you want to go on.

If you’re playing solo, the voyage will start right away. But if you’re with other players, you’ll need to vote to start the voyage. Interacting with the voyage you dropped will toss a knife down, signifying you’re up for taking it on. A majority of your crew will need to vote on it to start the voyage (so if you’re in a crew of four, you’ll need at least three people to vote for it).

Completing your voyage


Once the voyage has started, pull up your inventory with the right bumper or the E key. This inventory will contain instructions on how to complete a voyage. The objectives will vary, depending on which faction the voyage is from.

  • GOLD HOARDERS: These voyages involve finding buried treasure. You’re usually given a map with and island and a classic X mark, or you’re given a riddle to discover the location of a hoard of gold.
  • ORDER OF SOULS: These voyages are all about combat. You’ll be tasked with heading to a specific island and battling a bunch of skeletons wearing blue scarves. Killing enough of them will cause a boss skeleton to spawn. Kill it, and it’ll drop a magic skull.
  • MERCHANT ALLIANCE: These voyages involve delivering specific goods to a specific outpost. For example: Two white-feathered chickens to Sanctuary Outpost. NOTE: If you are doing a Merchant Alliance quest that involves delivering live animals, you’ll have to walk back to the quest-giver and get some cages to carry your animals in. And remember, these are timed missions. You can see how much time you have left by pulling up your watch from the secondary item wheel.

After you’ve found whatever you’re looking for, it’s time to collect your reward.

Turning in your quest


In the case of the Gold Hoarders and the Order of Souls, turning the quest in is as simple as bringing the chest of gold or magic skull back to any outpost and selling them to that specific merchant. Remember: You don’t need to bring these back to where you got the quest. Any outpost will do.

For the Merchant’s Alliance, you need to bring the requested goods to a precise outpost, so make sure you do that. Once there, sell the goods to the Merchant’s Alliance representative, and you’ll be good to go.

Earning reputation


Every time you complete a quest, you’ll increase in reputation with that faction. Reaching Rank 5 will unlock more complicated quests that reward you with even more rep and money, so it’s a good idea to rank up at least to five with a given faction before moving on to one of the other ones.

All that said, if you’re looking to experience the endgame of Sea of Thieves, you’ll have to eventually rank up in all of the factions in the game, so bear that in mind.

And with that, happy sailing!

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