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Mark of the Ninja Remastered sneaks onto Switch this fall

The Xbox Live Arcade hit returns

Mark of the Ninja Remastered art Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment’s Mark of the Ninja, a side-scrolling stealth game that launched first in 2012, is returning on Nintendo Switch. Mark of the Ninja Remastered will arrive this fall, Nintendo announced during today’s indie-themed presentation.

Mark of the Ninja gained critical acclaim on Xbox Live Arcade, one of several indie games to make their mark on the Xbox service. Microsoft Studios originally published the game, leaving it an Xbox- and Windows-exclusive. This is the first time that Mark of the Ninja will be playable on another console.

Players control a ninja who must travel across a variety of places without making a sound. It’s a typical stealth game: If you’re seen, good luck. But as a platformer, it offers a unique spin on the genre, with lots of collectibles and numerous ways of progressing through and picking off enemies in each stage.

It’s unclear just what will change with Mark of the Ninja’s remastered version, but expect to hear more as its launch approaches later this year.

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