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Reigns: King and Queens coming to Nintendo Switch

Swipe to build a dynasty

Reigns and its sequel Reigns: Her Majesty, published by Devolver Digital, are coming to Nintendo Switch in one package: Reigns: Kings and Queens. It’s set to release in spring 2018, according to the Nindies livestream this morning. The port will also debut a brand new co-op mode, exclusive to the Switch.

Using the Tinder “swipe left or right” mechanic to make decisions, you sit on the throne and decide how to go about ruling your kingdom. You’ll receive requests from peasants, allies, enemies, but beware: all of your decisions will have consequences. You can either listen to all of your advisers or decide to take matters into your own hands. Your reign will end as soon as one of your four major pillars (church, military, people, wealth) becomes too high or low. The developer describes it as:

We wanted players to constantly feel the gap between the terrible consequences of the decisions they were taking as a king and the silliness of the swipe mechanic, where only two options are available at any given time.

Reigns and its sequel are currently on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

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