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Sea of Thieves shop guide

Vendors and trading companies for customizing clothing, equipment, weapons and your ship

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In Sea of Thieves, the key to being a good pirate is looking good. There’s no character progression (beyond you, as you git gud) and no stats associated with equipment, so setting yourself apart from the rest of the pirates sailing the seas comes down to cosmetics. This guide will introduce you to the four places you’ll buy your shiny new gear.

The vendors


Every outpost you visit — which will helpfully have outpost in their names on the map — will have four vendors to visit. These shop(pe)s are where you’ll spend all that hard-earned gold from the faction quests you’ve completed. Especially early on, a lot of their offerings will be out of your price range. Other items will be locked until you reach a required level with one of the factions — you’ll be able to see the requirements in the info panel on the right.

Clothing shop


An outpost’s clothing shop will have a boot logo on a sign out front and on its shingle. Inside, you’ll be able to buy clothes, haircuts, peglegs, eyepatches and anything else a pirate needs to look good (or bad, depending on your personal brand).

In front of the shop, you’ll find a clothing chest and a vanity chest where you can swap out your look. You can also do this at the same chests on your ship.

Equipment shop


Look for the crossed shovel and spyglass logo to find the equipment shop. You’ll be able to pick up shovels, compasses, watches, instruments, tankards and buckets here. There’s an equipment chest out front where you can equip your purchases.

Weaponsmith’s shop


The weaponsmith shop doesn’t have a sign, per se, but it does always have a large target painted with a red and white bullseye out front. This is where you’ll buy fancier cutlasses, pistols, blunderbusses (blunderbussi?) and eyes of reach (sniper rifles).

You’ll find an armoury — it looks like one of those hidden dartboards — out front and an ammo chest inside.



It’s not just your pirate you can make over in Sea of Thieves. You can make some improvements to your ship as well. Head to the shipwright — the shop will have crossed hammers on the sign and will be located somewhere near the dock (like the Merchant Alliance stall). Here you can buy new sails, figureheads or hulls for your ship and equip them at the nearby ship customization chest.

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