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Sea of Thieves ships guide

Now when someone asks “Where do I get bananas?” you can show them these maps

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Depending on the size of your crew, you’ll be sailing on one of two ships in Sea of Thieves. A one- or two-pirate crew means you’ll be sailing aboard a sloop, while a crew of three or four will put you on a galleon. There’s no real difference in how the ships sail or the equipment and activities available on each — galleons just have a couple more sails and four times as many cannons.

Each ship has the same supplies, navigation controls and weaponry, but it can be hard to remember where everything is. You’ll always have barrels for grog, bananas, planks and cannonballs and you’ll always have the same chests for customizing your pirate, but they’re in different places on the ships. Below, we’ll show you some simple deck plans for each model of ship and talk about what you can do on each deck.


  • The uppermost deck (upper left on the plan above) of the sloop holds the steering wheel (or ship’s wheel), the sail and the anchor. You can do all of your sailing from this top deck.
  • The main deck (upper right above) is where the cannons and cannonballs are. You can also climb to the crow’s nest here.
  • From the main deck, you can head aft and down into the captain’s quarters (lower left above). You’ll find the captain’s table, where you can manage and vote on your quests. On the starboard side of the room, there’s an armoury and ammo chest where you can pick your weapons and reload. At the rear of the room, you can find the map.
  • Down in the hold (lower right above), you’ll find everything else. The brig is down here, along with barrels for grog, bananas and planks. You can change your pirate’s appearance at the equipment, clothing and vanity chests in the forward section.


  • The uppermost deck on the galleon (the quarterdeck, if we’re being accurate), is where you steer and manage the mizzen sail (on the rearmost mast). Unlike the sloop, this is all you do here, so sailing a galleon requires a lot of teamwork.
  • Starting at the bow and working aft, the main deck is where you manage the anchor, the foresail (the frontmost sail), the cannons and the mainsail. At the rear is the captain’s quarters which only has the captain’s table this time.
  • The stairs in the center of the main deck lead down below. The first thing you’ll see is the map. There are barrels here for bananas, grog, planks and cannonballs. At the front end of this deck are the armoury and ammo, equipment, clothing and vanity chests.
  • The lowest deck of the galleon only has the brig.

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