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Sea of Thieves’ servers are struggling to handle launch demand

“Cinnamonbeard” and “greybeard” errors are showing up as players try to experience the game


Sea of Thieves garnered no small amount of hype over its development cycle and launched late last night on March 19. There’s just one problem with the game’s first days: Players are struggling to connect.

The game offers a collection of color-beard themed error codes, which is cute but also a little confusing. Many players trying to start their adventure are running into the “Cinnamonbeard” error, keeping players in their launch lobby. Searching for Cinnamonbeard on Twitter brings up dozens of players complaining about being unable to connect. There’s also a “Greybeard” error code, which also means that the player is unable to log on and access the server.

Those who make it into the game are also reporting that they aren’t earning gold for completed voyages, suggesting further issues.

The official Sea of Thieves Twitter account is aware of the troubles plaguing the game’s launch, and the developers have been sending out updates over the past 24 hours:

Server errors, queues and players being locked out are all common experiences for a big online title’s first days. Polygon’s video team has managed to connect, and there do seem to be periods of time in which the game runs smoothly and players can log in. I’ve managed to log in and enjoy a few bouts of pirating over the last day, but I’ve also found myself locked out by cinnamon and greybeard errors as more players flood the servers.

The Sea of Thieves Twitter will continue to keep players updated as they iron out the kinks and get the metaphorical ship afloat once more.

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