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World of Tanks gets first major face-lift in 8 years

It’s effectively a rip-and-replace of the old graphics engine with a new, more detailed look on PC


Today the team behind World of Tanks, the free-to-play armored combat game that launched in 2010, released a brand new update. Referred to as Update 1.0, developers at Wargaming say it’s the biggest refresh in that game’s eight-year history and includes all new graphics as well as remastered maps and vehicles.

In a press release, Wargaming said that the PC version of the game now runs on a new, high-end graphics engine called Core, which was developed in partnership with Intel Corporation “to help ensure that World of Tanks remains up to date on the latest technological advances and uses them to enhance its gaming experiences.”

The update includes greatly improved graphics, 29 “completely reworked” maps and one new map, called Glacier.

When Polygon met with Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi at last year’s GDC he threw himself on his sword, taking blame for the company’s lack of focus on its keystone World of Tanks franchise.

“We were a little arrogant, let’s say, three years ago,” Kislyi told Polygon in a candid interview. “We were thinking we know everything that our players need without talking intensively to them ourselves. It turned into — I wouldn’t call it a disaster, but we hit the wall at some point. “

Last year, he said, was all about admitting mistakes, being more adaptable and listening to its fans.

“This took years for us as a company to come to this understanding of this necessity [of this change], and to make it,” Kislyi said.

Update 1.0 is available for free to all players, new and old. To celebrate, Wargaming announced a two-week long celebration called the Grand Extravaganza that will include multiple in-game rewards for players and prizes provided by Intel.

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