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Henry Cavill assures fans his shaved mustache is not CGI this time

“It’s hard for me to admit ... he’s really gone.”


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Appearing in a cozy bathrobe and his hair wrapped up in a towel — perhaps after enjoying a nice spa day — actor Henry Cavill announced to the world today that he has shaved his mustache.

The actor admitted that there might be some confusion about it — seeing as how his mustache was so convincingly digitally removed for reshoots on Warner Bros.’ Justice League last year.

OK, so the digital removal wasn’t convincing at all, and in fact it kind of became a thing. Justice League’s reshoots fell right in the middle of Cavil’s shooting schedule for Mission: Impossible — Fallout, and for some reason the solution to him being mustachioed in one film and clean shaven in the other was a CGI reconstruction of the lower half of his face, rather than, you know, shaving.

Perhaps Paramount didn’t understand why it had to wrap its hair and makeup people around Warner Bros. schedule, but in any case, Warner Bros. chose CGI as a solution to the fact that the company’s Superman actor had a “full-on porn mustache,” as co-star Ben Affleck put it.

Cavill caps off his Instagram video with a montage of good times he shared with his infamous mustache, set to Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You.” As he should. Truly, Henry Cavill’s mustache is shaved, but not forgotten.

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