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Far Cry 5 has no loot boxes, and you won’t mind the microtransactions

A shortcut to your favorite guns

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Far Cry 5 doesn’t succumb to the loot box trend of the past couple years, but the game does include microtransactions in the campaign. It’s unlikely that you’ll care, however.

You buy guns, attachments, vehicles and other items from in-game shops sprinkled around the map, and Far Cry 5 gives you the price for each item in both in-game dollars and silver bars. Silver bars can be purchased with real-world money, but you’ll also find a decent amount in the game without paying anything. The in-game dollars are plentiful, and you have plenty of options if you want to earn more. The hunting system of previous Far Cry entries has been simplified so that animal skins can be sold for in-game cash, for example.

And Far Cry 5 does a great job of constantly rewarding you with gear, cash and upgrades for your character as you play. You may want to save for certain items, but that’s part of the fun. Saving isn’t a burden when there are so many ways to get cash — or you can just steal the vehicles you want in the main campaign if you’re not too particular.

The good news is that Far Cry 5’s progression hasn’t been intentionally slowed or warped to nudge your hand to spend extra real-world cash to get to the real fun of the game. I’m happily ignoring the real-money options, and its inclusion doesn’t seem to have impacted the game’s economy at all.

Even if you want to buy fancy guns from the drop with silver bars, you’ll still need to unlock the weapons first by playing through the game’s story and completing certain objectives. A few weapons must be purchased with silver bars, but they are few and far between, and seem to be cosmetic changes from the guns available for in-game currency.

Far Cry 5 has the best situation possible for microtransactions: People with more money than time can put some cash in to get what they want a little ahead of their peers, and the rest of us can ignore the system and save some real-world money as we have fun collecting cash in-game.

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