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PUBG is finally getting weapon skins

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ guns are about to get a little more colorful

PUBG Corp.
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting its newest batch of cosmetic items, the game’s first-ever weapon skins, PUBG Corp, announced on Monday.

The skins, which were datamined by players earlier this month, will be unlockable via PUBG’s newest loot boxes called Triumph Crates and Raider Crates. These crates will only contain weapon skins and no other traditional player cosmetics. The Raider crates will be free and won’t require keys to unlock. The Triumph crates can be unlocked using Weapon Cosmetic Keys purchased through the Steam market, and will be added to the list of possible crate drops starting at 20 percent, making the new crate drop rate:

Survivor: 10%

Wanderer: 10%

Biker: 20%

Desperado: 10%

Militia: 20%

Fever: 10%

Triumph: 20%

PUBG’s new weapon skin inventory
PUBG Corp.

Skins that you unlock can be equipped through the game’s new weapon skin inventory in the customization section. In-game, guns will still look normal until a player with a skin for that weapon picks it up. Once you grab a gun you have a skin for, that gun will now permanently be marked with that skin, meaning anyone who kills you can pick up your gun and use the look as their own.

These additions to PUBG are going live on the test server today, and will be pushed live with the game’s next patch, whenever the test build is stable.

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